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Now that you have your state standards and curriculum units in a sequential order you can start your daily lesson plans for each unit.  You will design the specific activities you will use to get students to understand and apply what they have learned. Because you will have a diverse body of students with different academic and personal experiences this collection of lesson plans will help to differentiate your delivery.

“Teaching is the highest form of understanding.” Aristotle


Assessment Resources

Lesson Planning Resources




Social Studies


Physical Education

Foreign Language

Varied Discipline

Career & Technical Education (CTE)

Education & Career Action Plans (ECAP)


Teaching Online

Incarcerated Students

Military Students



Lesson Plan Resources Galore

Assessment Resources

·         See Cindy’s Assessment Page

·         Align Assessments with Objectives

·         Interactive Notebook

·         How Different Types of Knowledge Are Assessed

·         Formative Assessments

·         Video on Writing Multiple Choice Questions


Lesson Planning Resources

Be Sure to incorporate Instructional Strategies in your Lesson Plan Delivery


·         Terminology of Learning Standards

·         How to Write Lesson Plans

·         Lesson Plan Format

·         Common Core Lesson Plans

·         Five Common Mistakes in Writing Lesson Plans

·         Strategies for Effective Lesson Planning

·         The Importance of Lesson Planning

·         Using Media Education

·         Lesson Planning & Ideas

·         Collection of Graphic Organizers

·         EEI Lesson Plan Template with Instructions

·         GCU Video on the COE Lesson Plan Template


Don’t Forget to Differentiate

·         Pieces of Learning Products

·         Academic Diversity

·         What is Differentiated Instruction

·         Cultural Diversity in Math

·         Differentiate Math Instruction


Every lesson plan starts with your state standards.  Ensure the activities you chose align to your standards, measurable objectives and assessments.



·         Reading and Writing Ability

·         Grammar with an Attitude

·         Woodward English

·         Great Audiobooks

·         Virginia English & Reading

·         Guide to Grammar and Writing

·         How to Write a 5 Paragraph Essay

·         Literacy in the Digital Age

·         Analyze Characters

·         Autobiography, Biography

·         American Rhetoric

·         Introduction to Poetry

·         Poetry Devices

·         Poetry Lesson Plans

·         Music, Songs & Lyrics – Great for poetry

·         Popular Music to Teach Poetry Devices

·         Rap Genius Rhyme Types

·         Poetic Devices in Poetry

·         Remembering Maya Angelou

·         Music is Poetry

·         Interactive Raven

·         Edgar Allan Poe Lesson Plans

·         Open Learn Activities

·         Movie Based English Literature

·         Shakespeare is Hip Hop

·         The Importance of Shakespeare

·         Scarlett Letter & Several Novels

·         Greek & Latin Root Word Games

·         National Center of Literacy in Education

·         Teach English with Technology

·         Read-Write-Think


·         Research on Reading Instruction

·         Grouping for Students with Learning Disabilities

·         Grouping Students that Struggle

·         Essential Reading Strategies

·         A Reading Program that Reaches all Students

·         Teaching Well Rounded Readers

·         Reading Resources

·         Reading Quest

·         Reading Comprehension that Works

·         Tactile Approach to Motivating Students to Read & Write

·         Frayor Model

·         Reading Text Online

·         Reading Comprehension

·         Vocabulary Word Lesson Ideas

·         Vocabulary Worksheets

·         20 Vocabulary Lesson Plans

·         Ideas for Greek & Latin Words

·         Comprehension Strategies

·         The Effects of Teacher Read Aloud

·         Reading with High School Students

·         Scavenger Hunt for Students


Interdisciplinary lessons with English

·         Booker T Washington

·         Lincoln & Douglass

·         Reading Comprehension on Douglass

·         Douglass – From Slave to Abolitionist

·         Perspective on Leadership from Lincoln & Douglass

·         Arizona Math & English Instructional Resources


Math Resources for a Math Teacher’s Toolbox

·         Bloom’s Interpreted for Math

·         Start a Math Club

·         More Ideas on Starting a Math Club

·         7 Math Competitions for High School

·         Resources for Teaching Math

·         Illuminations

·         NCTM Resources

·         National Library of Math Manipulatives

·         Printable of Manipulatives

·         Math is Power 4 You

·         Converting Fractions Song

·         Math Resources for Gifted Students

·         Translating Word Problems

·         Algebra Word Problems

·         Hands-on Algebra Activities

·         Build a Bridge

·         First Algebra Course

·         Mathematical Reasoning Using Word Problems

·         Mathematics through Nutrition

·         Scaffolded Math and Science

·         Math and Business Activities

·         Pythagorean Theorem Applications

·         Pythagorean Theorem Video

·         Real Life Uses of Pythagorean Theorem

·         Using Pythagorean Theorem

·         Quadradic Function Explorer

·         Investigating Quadrilaterals

·         Quadratic Functions Through Problem Solving

·         Roller Coaster Polynomials

·         Polynomial Roller Coaster

·         Polynomials in our Everyday Life

·         Everyday Use of Polynomials

·         Teaching Math with Creativity

·         Volume, Cylinders, Cones and Spheres

·         Cyberchase

·         MathChimp – Math Games, Videos & Worksheets

·         Math Bell Work

·         Six Facets of Understanding in Math

·         Math Games

·         NCES Kid Zone

·         Loads of Math Lessons & Games

·         Free Math Lessons

·         8th Grade Unit Plans

·         Math & Technology in the Classroom

·         Supplemental Technology Resources

·         Cool Math Online

·         Learning through Projects

·         Real World Math Examples

·         Real World Math Activities

·         When Math Happens

·         Real World Congruence Theorem

·         Rich Math Activities

·         NRICH Enriching Mathematics

·         Interactivate Math Activities

·         Math Videos

·         Classroom Video

·         What is Geometry?

·         Geometry Center

·         Geometry in Action

·         Native American Geometry

·         Geometry is Hot Song

·         Generate Math Worksheets and Tests

·         Project Based Learning in Geometry

·         Hands-on Area of a Circle

·         GeoGebra – Dynamic Mathematics Software

·         Geometry – Nets of Solids

·         Prisms and Pyramids

·         3D Shapes Worksheets

·         More Great Math Links

·         Online Graphing Calculator

·         Graph Sketcher

·         Free Math Worksheets

·         Graphing Organizers

·         Test and Worksheet Generator

·         Common Core Sheets

Math Assessments

·         Blooms Math Questions

·         60 Formative Assessments

·         Math Quizzes

·         Interactive Notebook

·         Miss Beebe’s Interactive Notebook

·         Interactive Notebook with Foldables

·         Math Assessment Project

·         Texas Student Assessments

·         Performance Based Assessments

·         How Teachers can Use Math Data

·         Math Formative Assessments

·         Formal and Informal Assessments




Social Studies

·         National Curriculum Standards for Social Studies

·         Integrate Technology in the History Classroom

·         Modifications & Accommodations in Social Studies

·         Interactive Maps

·         Maps of the World

·         Historical Atlas of the Twentieth Century

·         More Interactive Maps

·         How to Use Interactive Notebooks in Social Studies

·         Foldables and Graphic Organizers

·         History for Kids

·         Social Studies’ Teacher Website

·         Regions of the U.S.

·         Geography Unit Plan

·         Tax History Museum

·         History of American Agriculture

·         Gilder Lehrman Institute of American History

·         Documenting the American South

·         Frederick Douglass

·         Teach US History

·         WWII

·         WW2 Map of Europe

·         Arizona PBS Learning Media

·         Social Study Lesson Plans

·         Strategies for Reading Comprehension in Social Studies

·         Facing History

·         History Chalk Talk

·         Smithsonian History and Culture


Economics – Possibly taught in social studies or business classes

·         Best Practices in Teaching Economics

·         Economic Lesson Plans

·         Best Practices in Teaching Economics


Social Studies Assessments

·         How to Assess in History



·         Science Spot

·         Classify That!

·         Interactive Physics

·         The Science of Football – Great math formulas too

·         STEM Teacher Center

·         Try Engineering

·         Engineering Games & Projects

·         Electricity for Kids

·         Strategic Science Teaching

·         National Science Teaching Association

·         Interactive Science Notebook

·         Teaching Science Vocabulary

·         Science Vocabulary


Physical Education

·         K-12 PE Unit and Lesson Plans (K-12)

·         Math Through Nutrition

·         Classroom PE Games


Foreign Language

·         Spanish4Teachers

·         Calico Spanish


Varied Disciplines

·         K-12 Core Lesson Plans

·         Alabama Learning Exchange – Lesson plans for all subjects.

·         Teacher Vision Lesson Plans

·         Several Subject Area Lesson Plans

·         Government Information for Kids

·         Teachnology

·         Classroom Video Projects

·         Common Core Lesson Plans – Math, Science & English


Career & Technical Education

All content areas should integrate career & college relevancy in every lesson plan.


Multiple CTE Programs

·         Texas CTE Resources

·         Interdisciplinary CTE & Academic

·         Integrating Academic Standards with CTE Standards

·         Performance Assessment in CTE

·         Math in CTE

·         Math in CTE Strategies

·         Integrating the Pythagorean Theorem in Construction

·         STEM Building and Construction

·         Math in the Workplace

·         Culinary Arts Teaching Guide

·         Culinary Curriculum Guides


Business & Finance

·         Financial Education

·         Personal Finance lesson plans

·         Money and Finance Lessons

·         Financial Literacy Skills

·         Practical Money Skills (Lesson Plans)

·         Practical Money Skills (Games)

·         Fiscal Tiger

·         Pigly – Emergency Savings

·         Math and Business Activities

·         Real Estate, Math and Financial Literacy

·         Business Management Curriculum

·         National Business Education Association

·         International Business Education

·         Virtual Enterprise International

·         Tonya Skinner Business Education

·         40 Shop & Retail Lessons

·         How to Write Business Letters

·         Guide to Starting a High School Business

·         Marketing Essentials

·         Marketing Mix

·         Marketing Lesson Plans

·         Understanding Taxes

·         Why Contracts and Laws are Important

·         Money and Goals

·         Guide Student’s Credit Future

·         Check your Child’s Credit Score


Education & Career Action Plans (ECAP)

Career & College Ready Starts HERE

·         Please see Cindy’s College & Career Readiness Webpage

·         Arizona ECAP

·         Understanding Taxes

·         Sample Resumes

·         Career Test

·         Nontraditional Careers

·         Fifty Standard Interview Questions

·         CTE Lesson Plans

·         Resume with Little Experience

·         Teach Students how to be Organized



·         A List of Technology Resources

·         iTalk Recorder

·         Wordle

·         Favorite Tech Tools for Social Studies


Teaching Online

·         One Drive Personal Storage

·         Faculty Focus

·         Motivating and Engaging Students

·         If You Build it, They will Come

·         Professional Development to Support Online Learning

·         Learning Roadmap for New Online Instructors

·         Personality Matters When Teaching Online

·         Things to Consider When Adding Multimedia to Elearning Projects

·         Big Data’s Arrival

·         Make Yourself Clear with a Digital Whiteboard


Incarcerated Student Resources Yes education continues while incarcerated which includes those being charged as adults.

·         Merging Two Worlds

·         Ideas that Work

·         Background Checks on Job Searches

·         How Felons Get Jobs

·         37 Jobs for Felons

·         Best Careers for Felons

·         Financial Aid for Felons

·         Incarcerating Special Education Students

·         Supporting Disabilities in Corrections

·         Correctional Education Juvenile Justice

·         Break Free Education


Lessons for Military Students

·         Military Kids Connect






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