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Despite the importance of assessments in education today, few teachers receive much formal training in assessment design or analysis. A recent survey showed that fewer than half the states require competence in assessment for licensure as a teacher (Stiggins, 1999).  My hope is that teachers change both their view of assessments and their interpretation of results. Please view the links below to improve the quality of your classroom assessments and align the assessments with the state standards and your measurable objectives.


The benefits of assessment for both students and teachers will be boundless.


Assessments & Evaluations


The Nations Report Card


Definitions & Types of Assessments

·       A Helpful Power Point on Assessments

·       Norm-Referenced & Criterion-Referenced Tests

·       Glossary of Assessment Terms

·       Criterion and Norm Referenced Defined

·       Definition of Norm Referenced Tests

·       Criterion versus Norm Referenced Testing

·       Criterion and Norm Referenced Tests

·       CollegeBoard SAT  - Excellent NRT sample

·       ACT/SAT Testing

·       Assessment, Measurement, Evaluation & Research


·       Why is Assessment Important

·       Intellectual, Social & Physical Assessments

·       Formative and Summative Assessment

·       Formative and Summative Assessments

·       Formative and Summative Procedures


Test Scores=Data

·       Poor Test Scores

·       Assessment Information

·       Monitor Student Progress

·       Assessing Student Performance

·       A Guide for Norm Referenced Test Scores (NRT)

·       How to Interpret NRT Scores

·       Methods for Collecting Assessment Data

·       Why Teachers must be Data Experts

·       Ideas to help Teachers Collect Data

·       Using Data to Understand your Students

·       Using Data to Provide Feedback

·       How to Use Data Effectively

·       Search for School Data


Comic Strip on Assessments


Effective Assessments & Research

·       A Guide for Effective Assessment

·       Every Teacher’s Guide to Assessments

·       Create Authenticated Assessments

·       Why Assessments?

·       Assessment Strategies

·       Whys & Hows of Assessments

·       Formative Assessment Tasks

·       Methods of Assessment

·       Recognize who your Students are

·       Practical Assessment, Research & Evaluation


Align Assessments with Objectives

·       Write Assessments based on written Objectives

·       Key Questions and Learning Objectives

·       Align Instruction with Assessments

·       Aligning Assessments with Objectives



How do we know students are learning? and How do we know our teaching is effective?



Assessing different types of knowledge

Various Formative Assessments

Examples of Formative Assessments

Create Tests

Alternative Assessments & Strategies



Create Multiple Choice Tests

Interactive Notebooks

Performance Based Assessments

Cooperative Learning Evaluation Guides

Entertaining Quiz


·       Types of Rubrics

·       Know your Rubrics

·       Create RubricsCreate, save and share rubrics

·       Assessments and Rubrics

·       Rubrics for Teachers

·       Make a Rubric

·       Quick Links to Rubrics

·       Cooperative Learning Rubrics

·       Participation Rubric


Content Area Assessments



Bloom’s Math Questions

Blooms Assessment for Math

Math Quiz



Reading Assessment Databbase

20 Formative Assessment Tasks





Assessment Accommodations & Modifications


Types of Assessment Accommodations

Assessment Strategies for Differentiated Learning

Differentiated Assessments

Rubrics for Special Education

Holistic Rubric





Stiggins, R. J. (1999). Evaluating classroom assessment training in teacher education programs. Educational Measurement: Issues and Practice, 18(1), 23–27.



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