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Special education is a broad term used by the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act (IDEA) to describe specially designed instruction that meets the unique needs of a child who has a disability. These services are provided by the public school system and are free of charge. Services can include instruction in the classroom, at home, in hospitals and institutions. Learning disabilities cover a wide spectrum of disorders ranging from mild to severe. They can include mental, physical, behavioral and emotional disabilities.




Special Education Resources


Secondary Transitions

·         National Center for Special Education Research

·         National Secondary Transition Technical Assistance Center

·         National Center on Secondary Education and Transition

·         National Education of Special Education Teachers

·         Youth hood

·         Strive for Students

·         Casey Lifeskills

·         Brigance Transition Skills Inventory

·         Transition Coalition

·         Careers & the Disabled Magazine

·         National Business & Disability Council

·         Online Recruiting of Disabled Persons

·         Virginia Special Education

·         ACT Accommodations

·         National Alliance for Partnerships in Equity

·         National Collaborative on Workforce and Disability


Special Education Career Exploration

·         Life after IEP’s

·         Blind Auto Mechanic -  CBS “Assignment America” Story on Larry Woody.

·         Job Accommodation Network


Important Financial Lessons

·         Practical Money Skills

·         Tip for Teaching Special Needs Students about Money

·         Money Instructor

·         Teaching Special Need Students Math & Computer Science


Assessment Resources

·         Types of Assessment Accommodations

·         Rubrics for Special Education Students

·         Sample IEP Rubric

·         More Sample IEP Rubric

·         Rubric Terminology

·         National Assessment of Inclusion & ELL Students


Health Issues

·         Talking to Children about Cancer

·         Healthy Children

·         Other Health Impairments

·         Chronic Absenteeism

·         Mental Health Care for Children



Learning Disabilities Resources

·         Special Education Terminology Definitions

·         Special Education Resources on the Internet

·         Tucson Exceptional Education

·         Lee’s Summit R-7 Instructional Technology

·         Arizona Special Education

·         Dyscalculia – Mathematic Disorder

·         Children with Diabetes

·         Therapy for Cerebral Palsy

·         Massachusetts Down Syndrome

·         Special Education Lesson Plans

·         Resources in Special Education

·         ELL & Special Education Questions and Considerations

·         50 Resources for Special Education Teachers

·         A Day in Our Shoes – 100 Resources


Special Education Law Resources

·         Building the Legacy of IDEA 2004

·         Special Education Law

·         Understanding Special Education

·         IDEA 2004 Statue & Regulations

·         Council for Exceptional Students


·         Accommodation and Modification Differences

·         Differences between Accommodations & Modifications

·         Ultimate List of IEP Accommodations

·         Common Accommodations & Modification

·         Accommodation & Modification Video

·         19 Accommodations that Work


Inclusive or Self-Contained Classrooms

·         Guide to the Inclusive Classroom

·         Supporting All Students with Inclusion

·         Inclusion in Secondary Classroom

·         Self-Contained Classroom


Parent Resources

·         Parent & Information Resource

·         Autism and Education

·         Autism Resources

·         Parents Guide to Autism


Challenges of Special Education Teachers

·         Top 10 Challenges

·         Transition Teacher Career




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