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Whether you are new to the profession of education or just new to my website, this page will provide research, community building, career, and credential resources for education today. In an effort to provide a centralized forum for postsecondary students, university presidents, corporate executives and everyone in-between to provoke innovation and change.


Post-Secondary students are demanding more from their institutions. In order to meet their needs, schools are starting to think more like architects of learning. Further consideration of what programs students want and how students want to communicate it is essential to rethink ways to engage with students, families, and communities.


Professional Resources for Educators



Grand Canyon University – College of Education

GCU Educational Resources

Please see the Student Teacher Page

Interstate New Teacher Assessment and Support consortium (INTASC) Standards

Individual State Requirements

Arizona Teaching Certification

National School Boards Association

Arizona School Board Association

Careers in Teaching – Specialty Careers in Education

Library Science is Necessary in Education


Field Experience & Test Requirements

Overview of Field Experience Requirements

Early Childhood AEPA Test Prep

College of Education NES Exam Prep

NES Knowledge Exam

NES Special Education part I

NES Special Education part II

Arizona Teacher Evaluation System

The importance of Lesson Planning

Getting Organized as a Teacher

Priceless Teaching Strategies

A-Z List of New Teacher Tools

GCU Student Teacher Resources

Looking ahead to Student Teaching

Video on Compassion Fatigue

Resources & Tools for Teaching Students

Common Characteristics of Effective Teachers


Parental & Community Building

Resource Center for Parents – Also helpful resources for educators

Better School/Community Collaboration

How to Connect Schools & Communities


Career & Technical Education (CTE)

View your state department of education to seek out CTE information.

Arizona State Career & Technical Education

Education and Career Action Plan  

Arizona Academic Standards

Arizona Career Literacy Standards


Teacher Resumes & Job Search

Sample Teacher Resumes

A+ Resumes for Teachers

Teacher Resume

GCU Video on Writing your Teacher Resume

Educations Premier Recruitment Services

Career Builder

Build your Teacher Wardrobe

Teaching Jobs Around the World

International Teaching Jobs

Cindy’s Career Resources


Continuing Education

Search Education & Teaching Scholarships

Education Degrees





Teaching Adults

Adjunct Faculty Assistance

Design for Adult Learning

Best Practices in Online Teaching for Student Engagement

Engaging and Motivating Students

Focused on Today’s Higher Education Professional

Tricks for Teaching in the Online Classroom

Building Learning Communities

Instructional Strategies for Online Courses

Faculty Focus

Tips for e-learning Success

Teaching Adults Math


Teacher Networking

Teacher Student Loan Forgiveness

Teachers Network

Videos of Effective Teaching

Successful Virtual Meeting (helpful for teaching videos or possible virtual interviews)

National Council of Teachers of Mathematics (NCTM)

National Council of Teachers of English (NCTE)

National Council of Teachers of Social Studies (NCSS)



Research Resources

The Complete Guide to Fund Research

Education Encyclopedia

 Institute of Education Sciences

National Center for Education Statistics

NCES Areas of Research

U.S. Department of Education

Elementary & Secondary Education Act

ESEA Reauthorization

Common Core of Data

Center for Dewey Studies

US Government Spending

Education Spending Per Student

The Nation’s Report Card

Arizona Report Card

CATO Institute

Electronic Journals

Religious Tolerance

Law and Education


Learning Theory Research

The Power of the Internet for Learning

Learning Theories

Overview of Learning Styles

Instructional Methods and Instructional Media


Helpful Writing Websites

The following websites provide valuable resources for composing and documenting student writing assignments.


The OWL at Purdue is an excellent resource.

APA Online

PERRLA: Your APA Home - Purchase APA software for use on PC or Mac.


Merriam-Webster Dictionary

Guide to Grammar and Writing Use the dropdown arrow for a list of topics.

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Back up & Protect Data

Security and your Phone

Back up Your Work

The Process of Data Back up

Power Point on Data Back up

Data Security and Privacy

Cyber Security Threats







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